MythTV & Slackware 12.1

With Slackware 12.1 coming out a while back, It is time to upgrade my mythbox to newest release and in the process update the how-to to reflect the latest changes..  Just in time with 12.1 release came new release for ivtv and lirc.  I’ve successfully upgraded to 12.1 with mythtv running flawlessly.  Check out the… Read More »

MythTV upgrade

Posting after a long time….I’ve just made changes to the mythtv how-to, making it more verbose at places and fixing some typos and language. I’ve also posted a short upgrade how-to on upgrading kernel (version, ivtv (0.10.0) and lirc (0.8.1) to latest stable release. Upgraded slackbuilds now reflect slackbuilds scripts from I’ve also… Read More »

MythTV howto…finally

Finally…I’ve found time to write how-to for mythtv. Hopefully people find it useful. Visit mythtv how-to page for more information. Tux

MythTV setup on Slackware

This is an update from the previous post.  Things have changed since my last post on mythtv.  MythTV has gone to version 0.20.  Slackware 11 is here.  Since the last post, I’ve got a dedicated machine now to run mythtv.  The earlier setup (server + mythtv) was running fine but I wanted to keep the… Read More »

Linux & MythTV

It has been a long time since I posted something here.  It is about time.  Actually I wanted to build a mythtv box for quite some time now mainly because I would like to record cricket matches and I don’t want to work with VCR Tapes.  It is also equally true that I won’t buy… Read More »

End of an era…

Most people reading this won’t make much sense out of it.  The longest running scooter brand of India, Bajaj Chetak, has just went out of production and into the museum.  The Times of India is carrying the entire story.  After 30 years of successful run, Chetak is laid to rest.  Chetak, namesake of Maharana Pratap’s… Read More »

Climate change

Is it a myth or reality? I would say absolute reality. We have growing evidence of things going awry due to human activity. Here is a recent study that once more confirms the scientific opinion in favor of global warming. I know there would be sceptics bouncing back with their own story but who’s buying?… Read More »

After a long time…

I’m writing this after a long time. The blog has not seen much of activity lately. However, I have been busy as usual with work and a little bit of development I could possibly do. Nothing going on personal front as well. I’ve just finished building my first pc. It’s an AMD Athlon64 Dual core… Read More »


Hello and a warm welcome to everybody reading this blog. Thanks for finding your way here and actually reading through. You would say who needs another blog there are already dime-a-dozen out there. Well I agree and that’s why I promise not to spit out lot of junk. I, however, have some interests in field… Read More »